Story Style Brand

Why Corporate Results Are a Matter of Personal Style

Marketing, at its core, is simply about storytelling. It’s the ability to take consumers on an emotional journey that can relate to their needs and wants while, at the same time, establishing trust in the products and services that are being provided.

Trust is an emotional response and storytelling is the most essential element in establishing it.

The JD Methodology was developed on the belief that by understanding and embracing human behavior, we, as a whole, have the opportunity to use our DNA to our advantage. "First impressions" are a direct, not to mention instant, response to our basic human nature. In a single moment, our emotional and visceral response overpowers any and all logic. Studies show that 95% of consumer decisions are made on emotion--and that includes their decision to trust your brand...and your leader.

The JD Methodology is about the ability to control the conversation with aligning brand and storytelling, which, in turn, establishes an emotional connection to all senses, whether the audience knows it or not.

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